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Hello, I'm Rachael

Rachael Love, also known as the Spiritual Guroo, is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker and Shamanic Healer, based in London, UK. 

After years of practicing different techniques on herself, Rachael decided she wanted to make a positive impact on the world and offer her gifts and talents to others.

Over a nine year period she has been featured in magazines, been part of national speaking events, worked in the media as a qualified journalist and has also represented Australia at numerous international beauty pageants where she has received awards.

Throughout her journey, Rachael realised she was not living in alignment with her soul's calling and so went on to become qualified as a Coach, Shamanic Plant Practitioner and Reiki Healer. 

Through her online platforms, coaching and speaking events, Rachael has been able to help hundreds of people activate their true potential and live a more fulfilled life in alignment. 

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