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Welcome to our Guroo Tribe

We are so grateful and excited to welcome you to our virtual health and wellness Tribe!


After interacting with clients individually for quite some time, Rachael decided to create a community where everyone could access a range of different services daily, online. 

Built on the foundation of interconnectedness, this tribe has been created with the intention to empower, inspire, strengthen your mind, body & soul connection and bring people from all walks of life together as one. It is perfectly suited to individuals who want an extra push and need daily motivation. 


Rachael also wanted to honour the importance of sisterhood by intertwining the values of the divine feminine throughout some of the classes available in the tribe. Regular women's circles will take place to create a place of oneness for all women around the world, to rise up, shine their light, lead and raise the vibration of the collective. These circles follow an ancient tradition and are focused around compassion, love, acceptance and divine ancestral wisdom. 

Normally an individual online class with Rachael would be £20 alone. 


Membership to our Guroo Tribe includes:


Access to my private daily live stream


Early bird access to virtual Full Moon/New Moon circles 

Exclusive discounts, videos and blogs




Nourishing Recipes


Weekly Podcasts and more! 

* Please note: You will require access to a Facebook/Instagram account to gain entry to the tribe

  • Guroo Tribe

    Every month
    • Access to private Instagram account
    • Monthly virtual Full Moon and New Moon circles
    • Daily Yoga/Meditation/Sound healing live stream
    • Recipes
    • And more!