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Rachael Love, also known as the Spiritual Guroo, is a qualified Coach, Wellness Entrepreneur, Speaker, Shamanic Healer and hypnotherapist.


The name Gu-Roo is a play on words from Rachael's childhood nickname 'Roo' and is also a tribute to her Australian heritage. 

Over a nine year period she has been featured in magazines, fashion shows, worked in the Australian Media as a Journalist and has also represented Australia at numerous international beauty pageants where she has received awards.

This Aussie Beauty grew up doing competitive gymnastics and swimming, engraining in her a love for healthy eating, keeping active and spending time in nature from a young age. As time went on she moved into more spiritual forms of exercise such as yoga, kickstarting her inner journey within. 

After going through her spiritual awakening, Rachael decided to combine her passion for helping others, health and wellness with her media skills and create a platform where she could make a difference. 

The Spiritual Guroo was born and now Rachael works on different initiatives daily, spreading her light to help make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

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